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Brenda Monge

Behavior Analyst & Life Coach

I coach Teens/Pre-teens to become their best confident self . While gaining tools in confidence, coping skills with emotions, stress, conflict resolution skills, stepping outside their comfort zone, advocating and asking for help in the classroom, how to implement change  and so much more. 

Additionally I coach Adults who are seeking to make a change in their life to feel more fulfilled. This can range anywhere from learning to feel your best self, change careers and face the emotional challenges that come with that journey, finding how to reach tangible goals and also reaching emotional goals of well-being, confidence, self assured, excitement and vitality for life again. If you have a goal eager to reach and don't know where to start or how to feel it’s attainable, I can help you not only reach that goal but feel confident on your journey to that goal. 

With a background in Applied Behavior Analysis, I love to help you create small actionable tasks that work towards building momentum towards your goals. While working on those small goals, I  incorporate skills to teach you to reframe self limiting beliefs, build confidence, create change, and handle emotions in a healthy manner. This easily shifts you into feeling empowered, at ease and excited with your path.

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Panels & Discussions

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I had the pleasure of joining @mindfullymallory for her ACT in action chat.

Take a peek as I discuss my how I branched out from the typical role of a Behavior Analyst (BCBA) into Teen Coaching and my Entrepreneurial journey! 

I am passionate about helping teens learn early on how to cope with emotions, how to reframe their beliefs and take action steps to feel better and see change in their lives. Most importantly in their well-being, emotional and mental health. Helping teens with the everyday challenges of young adulthood. While building a more harmonious relationship between parents and teen.

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